8 Minute Meditation


The Roman philosopher Seneca once asked, "What good is a wind without a compass1"This section is going to help you define your personal meditation goal.
Most people come to meditation for myriad reasons, but ther usually fall into one or more of these categories:
• Plltsical health, such as lowering blood pressure
• Mental health, such as lowering stress levels
• Spiritual growth, such as seeking a closer connection to life
Why do you want to leam to meditatel This is a Very Important question, and you shouldn't feel shy or embarrassed to ask it. There is this misconception that meditation should not be goal-oriented. However, we live in a goal-oriented society. When we do something, we expect-maybe even demand-a result. After all, wilt put time and effort into something if it doesn't re-tum a concrete benefit11 wouldn't do it, and neither should you.
There Is Absolutely nothing wrong with having a goal in mind that you'd like Meditation to Help you achieve, In fact, I think it's a good thing. And to help you define your own meditation goal, take a look at some popu lar ones:
• You suffer from acute or chronic physical pain. You've heard or read that meditation might help with pain reduction.
• You take medication for stress, anxiety, or hypertension, Your doctor also recommends that you take up meditation,
• You feel anxious and confused, You need a way to "chill out" without resorting to martinis and tranquilizers.
• Life is just dandy. However, you've got "the blahs:' You feel something is missing. You don't know quite what that is, but you've heard that some people find their answer in meditation,
• You find yourself angry, irritable, and sometimes acting inappropriately. You've heard meditation can help you get a better handle on your anger:
Now that you've seen some other people's reasons, let's determine Your personal reason For wanting to meditate. Your response is Very Important. It will make you aware of the "fuel" that will propel you through these next 8 weeks.
So right now, take a Few Moments and relax, Close your eyes, See what pops up in your mind to fill in the following blank: "Meditation is a process that can help me
Okay, great! Whatever you came up with was the perfect answer:
You say you want to meditate because you want to be happier? Fine. you want to be happier: Then "Meditation is a process that can help me become happier."You thought about how afraid you were of your own road rage? Okay, your goal is "Meditation is a process that can help me be less angry behind the wheeL"
Now you've created the reason to meditate that's meaningful to you-not someone else, Copy down this sentence and place it where you can read it before your daily 8 minute meditation period,
Now that you've gotten close and personal with wilt you want to meditate, let's do the same with the 8 Minute Meditation program and see how simple, yet effective, it can be for you.